Celebrity Drug Abuse Becoming Major Issue

Celebrity drug abuse has been an issue that’s been everywhere for the past century. Many of these celebrities end up spiraling out of control, which ends in huge disasters. The worst problem about celebrity addiction is that the issue is plastered all over the media for everyone to see. This kind of coverage on drug addiction exposes teenagers and adolescents at a very young age. It also teaches these young people that drug addiction is a part of life and their role models use drugs, so why can’t they abuse drugs too? The kind of coverage that is put on celebrities that use drugs is an enormous amount and is not something people need to be exposed to; the way the media covers it basically glamorizes it and puts it in a nonchalant context.

The first celebrity known to abuse drugs was the famous Elvis Presley. While he was and still is very well known for his musical abilities; he also abused drugs. His death was on every news channel and every newspaper cover when it occurred. Although his drug use was not publicized like the celebrities of today, there was not as much media coverage of anything when he was at his all-time high.

Of course everyone knows who Marilyn Monroe was. She was famous for music, modeling and acting. The celebrity was also found in her room dead with drugs in her system. Once again her death covered all media angles possible, but just like Elvis the police tried to cover these drug induced deaths up and keep as low a profile as possible. You can see that in today’s world this has changed drastically.

Now on television you can watch Celebrity Rehab, which shows famous people in treatment and receiving help together. If you watch Entertainment Tonight or read any magazines related to celebrities you can see the latest celebrity abusing drugs. It is very upsetting to see any person become addicted to drugs, but to publish it in every place possible is just completely wrong. Just think if you were addicted to drugs, would you want everyone on the face of the earth to know about your struggles. While celebrities are subject to this media coverage, some things are better left unsaid.

Some of the well-known celebrities that have gone in and out of treatment centers in the last few years are Brittany Spears and Lindsay Lohan. These two have had every kind of media coverage you could imagine. Both have been subject to harsh criticism and tabloid exposes. Yes they abused drugs and you should try to steer away from drugs, but when you are put into that group of people and fall into addiction it does not mean you need to be exposed to the world as a bad person. You know as many do, that drug addiction is something that happens in our lives today and an issue that is difficult to deal with for the addicted and the loved ones of that person. While drug addiction is something many in this nation have to deal with, you should be able to handle the situation in privacy and without more pressure from media as the celebrities have to do every day when they face battles in their lives.

Drug Narconon Program Says Celebrity Abuse Can Not Differ From General Abuse Problems

The drug Narconon program, a residential, inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation center says that the components of addiction and how someone gets addicted can be similar no matter how severe the problem. Programs like NA have likely experienced the same.

No matter the reason, the only way to get help is through the drug Narconon program or a residential treatment center. For more information call 888-419-9222.

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